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In Person Birth Support

Whether this if your first baby or your last, a birth doula offers unbiased and unconditional physical, emotional and evidence-based educational support for you and your partner. We want you to look back at your birth experience and feel empowered. Having a doula on your journey will ensure that you feel nurtured and your needs are heard and validated from pregnancy through postpartum.

Packages starting at $1,100.00

Payment plans available at no additional cost

Prenatal Yoga Classes & Workshops

The power of movement and the breath during pregnancy and labor can be life changing. From helping with those pregnancy aches and pains to breathing your baby into the world, keeping the body moving, keeping a positive mindset and taking deep breathes can change your pregnancy entirely. Join Full Moon Wellness for yoga, meditation class and workshops to help you feel your best!

In person workshops are continuously being scheduled throughout the month! Check out our "Classes and Workshops" Page for a list of our current classes.

Childbirth Education

Full Moon Wellness & Birth focuses on connecting the physical body to the mind to fully prepare for our birth experience. We offer in person or virtual group Hypnobirthing classes or 1-on-1 classes.


This 5 week course taps into the mind body connection through evidence based information on all of your birthing options, effective breathing and scripted deep relaxation practices to help you wrangle your mind and fully surrender to what your body is beautifully made to do. 

Next Class starts April 7th at our lowest price of $200.00! See link to register in "Workshops and Classes"

Due Date Fitness & Nutrition Groups

If you can't tell already, we believe in the power of movement! Whether you're an avid fitness buff or new to movement, we provide a resource for prenatal and postpartum friendly workouts right in the palm of your hand. Work out in the comfort of your home or on the go, these workouts are easily accessible and time effective! 

Working out alone can be challenging and sometimes all we need is that little push. We've created a group of mamas like yourself who are working towards having healthier pregnancy, better birth and easier postpartum recovery with our "Due Date Fitness Group". This is a space to share your wins, swap stores, cheer others on, ask for advice and most importantly. help to hold you accountable! 

Our group hosts help to provide tips and tricks to prenatal fitness success and help you navigate what works best for you and your journey, while offering resources for healthy and clean supplements and vitamins to make sure you feel your best.

Birth Blueprint Consultations

A birth plan is the guide to your birth experience. Formulating a birth plan does not mean that the choices you made are set in stone, it just sets a foundation as to what you believe is important to you during birth. Just like most home blueprints, your birth experience is not one size fits all. During a Birth Blueprint Consultation we review different birth preferences and help to educate you on your options, clarify what your non-negotiables may be, and review how you can discuss your preferences with your provider to make sure you have a strong and cohesive birth team.


About Kate,ryt-200, CD-L, CE

Kate is a South Jersey native, a wife, and a mother to her 2 year old son, Nash. She first found yoga while in school and dove back into her practice after a car accident that caused chronic neck pain. After much trial and error with treatments, she fell in love with every part of how yoga made her feel. Kate's experiences led her to get her 200 hour teaching certification and has since taken prenatal yoga training. Being a mother and going through pregnancy herself sparked a passion for helping women and mothers-to-be incorporate mindfulness and movement into their journey through pregnancy and beyond to help women feel their best in mind, body and spirit. 

Through her own journey through child birth, Kate came to realize how important it is for women and their partners to feel supported, nurtured and informed of all of their options. Kate went on to become a Certified Labor Doula through ProDoula and a Childbirth Educator in Hypnobirthing Method- the Mongan Method through Hypnobirthing International. Kate is truly honored to help women and their partners in the South Jersey and Philadelphia grow their family through the best pregnancy and birth experiences possible. 

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Workshops & Classes

Virtual Hypnobirthing Course
Every Tuesday from May 10th to June 7th at 6:30 pm EST

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