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Mother with her Child

Postpartum Doula


Further Support

Postpartum Doula Support

Day & Nighttime Support Services Available

Our postpartum doulas are here to support you in the beginning stages of motherhood. We care for mother and baby to promote bonding, healing and rest in the postpartum phase.

Support can look like:

  • Changing diapers

  • Infant feeding or bringing baby to parent to feed

  • Light house keeping pertaining to baby

  • Help with sibling transition 

  • Addressing infant and postpartum concerns

  • Emotional Support

  • Fixing light meals & light housework chores

Support and hours vary due to the needs of each individual, baby and family. All this is open for conversation and discussion in our consultation.


*Prenatal massage optional

Newborn's Care

Meal Preparation Services

We know it's important to keep Mom well fed during postpartum recovery. Full Moon Wellness & Birth provides prepared meals to suite the needs of both Mom & baby during the bonding period.

Prepared Meals

The FAQ's

  • Doulas & Your Partner
    Many may think, won't my partner feel left out of the experience? Creating a cohesive team is key! Believe it or not, there's quite a bit of pressure on the partner- whether it's continuously updating the family, taking photos, supporting the birthing person, knowing all the answers to questions that may come up that you may or may not have learned in your birthing class months ago that is hard to recall in the moment all while not having a moment to themselves to get a cup of coffee or escape to the bathroom. Having a doula can help complement your partner's care for you, give some tips and tricks to help them along the way if they would like all while nurturing and fulfilling their needs as well as yours. Your partner have the space to be as hands on (or hands off) as they would like.
  • Doula vs. Midwife ?
    If you are considered low risk you may be seeing a Midwife instead of a OBGYN. Midwives are medical professionals that take your medical history, provide medical advice, can diagnose medical conditions, suggest treatment plans and assist you in delivering your bundle of joy. Some midwives provide a very hands on experience if time allows, but for the most part their primary job is to provide medical assistance throughout your pregnancy and birth. ​ Doulas are more so your pregnancy and labor bestie. We provide judgement-free, unconditional support throughout your pregnancy journey so that you never feel alone. We deliver evidence-based information to allow you and your partner to know your options and more easily make the best decision for you and your family that align with your birth preferences. We ensure that you and your partner's needs are met and help you to have the best birth experience possible.
  • Who uses a doula?
    Honestly, anyone who is welcoming a baby into their family. Whether this is your first baby or your tenth, you always deserve someone who is on YOUR team- looking out for your best interest in health and overall wellness. I stress inclusivity in our work, I'll come into birth space totally judgement-free to ensure you have the best birth experience.
  • Is Having a Doula Just a Fad?
    I always say- trust the numbers. The research shows that with a doula present at your birth there is typically less need for medical intervention, labor can be shorter and overall there are typically less complications.

Trusted Providers

Full Moon Doula has gathered reliable providers for you during this magical time.
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